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Insurance can be confusing. Life Insurance for people who have a history of illness can be even more confusing and often people are turned away.

I have made it my mission to be able to say "You Are Insurable" to people that traditional insurers view as "high or impaired risk."

If you are between the ages of 18 and 80, please take a moment to check your 'insurability' below (I think you will be pleasantly surprised), and click on Get a Quote to find out how to obtain coverage that fits your budget.

- Bryan

How insurable are you?

You Are Not Alone

• Canada pension plan disability benefits are denied to 60% of those who apply.

• 10% of ALL traditional life insurance applications in Canada are declined every year.

• Over 25% of applications for traditional disability and critical illness insurance are declined in Canada each year.

• 100% of Traditional insurers will decline or severely rate an applicant with a recent history of heart disease, stroke, cancer, Aids/HIV, muscular dystrophy, Type 1 insulin dependant diabetes or any of a myriad of other conditions.

• Declined applications are noted on a North American Database called the Medical Insurance Bureau (MIB). It operates like the Credit Bureau enabling Insurers to check if a potential client has been denied coverage in the past, and why. Being declined once for coverage can make it much harder to be approved in the future.

Traditional insurers will decline your for:

• HBP, high cholesterol or blood sugar not "under control" for at least 12 months.

• BMI score over 50.

• DUI in the last 5 years.

• More than 3 speeding tickets in the last 2 years.

• Using more than 2 grams of marijuana per week.

• Taking any illicit hard drugs in the last 5 years (even if only once).

• Having any surgery, medical investigation or treatment not completed yet.

• Planning to travel to a "flagged country" in the next 12 months.

• Having a risky job or hobby.

About Bryan

Bryan Baker is the founder of youareinsurable.ca. After joining the financial services industry in 2002, he quickly learned about “High Risk” and “Impaired Risk” individuals, and how incredibly hard it is for them to obtain insurance.

Bryan has Crohn’s/Colitis. As a result he found himself classified as high risk and was denied Disability and Critical Illness insurance.

After years of research and reaching out to insurance providers Bryan launched youareinsurable.ca. Youareinsurable.ca was born out of the necessity for a professional, structured approach to finding insurance coverage for individuals whose health, occupation or lifestyle would paint them as Impaired or High Risk.

Bryan and youareinsurable.ca hold a unique place in the Canadian financial services marketplace; taking on cases that most advisors don’t want to work on(or simply don’t know how to work on). We partner with Organizations such as Crohn’s and Colitis Canada to get information out to people living with chronic illness or survivors of catastrophic health events, to show them that life and health insurance isn’t just a privilege of the healthy.

Coverage Examples

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If you have been denied insurance for any reason in the past, do not worry! Bryan has found success for his clients where others could not.

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What is Impaired Risk?

What is impaired risk insurance?

Youareinsurable.ca defines impaired risk as any health or lifestyle risk that, when presented to a traditional insurer, ends up with a higher premium rating or a decline. We further define impaired or high risk insurance as insurance coverage that specifically caters to the high risk individual without discriminating due to the health circumstance, occupation, or lifestyle of the individual.

Who is a good candidate for a high risk policy?

There are a number of individuals who may be good candidates for high risk life insurance policies. First, those who have certain types of health conditions should consider this type of coverage. Today, various carriers have started to offer policies to those with severe health issues, such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. This would also include someone who has recovered from a serious illness but is not past the waiting period to be cleared as a normal risk. A prostate cancer survivor would be a good example of someone who might need a high risk policy.

But those with adverse health conditions are not the only ones who should consider high risk life insurance coverage. Another group of individuals that often has trouble qualifying for traditionally underwritten coverage is those who are considered to have risky lifestyles because of drug use, poor driving record, or high risk hobbies such as rock climbing or back-country skiing. Finally, people with specific high-risk occupations will also be graded into a high risk category. Individuals who are private pilots, loggers, commercial fishermen, and those who work with explosives could be put into this category.

Bryan and youareinsurable.ca specialize in finding life insurance, disability insurance, and critical illness insurance for all these situations.

If I have already been declined for life insurance, can you help?

In many cases, when a person has been declined it is because an insurance or financial advisor has not done their due diligence in helping that person get matched with the right company and policy. So, yes, we can help. We deal with 10 separate insurers in Canada that either devote themselves to or have product lines catering to the high risk/impaired risk market. Like a mortgage broker turns to secondary financial institutions to obtain loans for those with less than stellar credit scores, we have researched the products and providers to find for my clients with a "less than stellar" medical or lifestyle history.

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